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E-mail me at With your 'net name, webpage addie, and name of your webpage and I'll list you here!!! If you had adopted from me before I had people list themselves still e-mail me so I can get you listed! ^_^


10)DemonVerser//\\//\\//\\//\\Dark Domain 451
09)Owlie//\\//\\//\\//\\A Lowly Commoner
08)Kilthalia//\\//\\//\\//\\Diverse Dimensions
07)Tracy//\\//\\//\\//\\Great Warriors
06)Van//\\//\\//\\//\\Sonic Zoids
05)Roaming Tigress//\\//\\//\\//\\~*License to Steel*~
04)Babs//\\//\\//\\//\\Babsie's Cartoon Page
03)Saba Li Anks//\\//\\//\\//\\The Pirate's Cove
02)T-gurl//\\//\\//\\//\\Into His Eyes
01)Mersades//\\//\\//\\//\\Chaotic Equilibrium