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Post them on your webpage!!!! They so cute!!!!!! I've decided to have a list of members.  ^_^ Its just funner that way! ^_^ E-mail me at When you take some! Here are the rules.

1.)You cannot say you made them. I MADE THEM!Based on Chrono Trigger, Salior Moon, and other various video game sprites.
2.)You must save them to your computer and upload them to your page.Do not link to them directly from this page!
3.)You MUST link them back to here. Something like this
<A HREF=""target="_blank"><IMGSRC="SpriteYouTake.GIF"border=0 alt="TQS"></A>
4.)You cannot take ALL the sprites to your webpage.I'm not going to say a limit.(*cough*3 *cough* ) But if you take them all you are greeeeeedy.If there is any question if you feel you want too many just E-mail me and butter me up.